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First Signs

mud 2
first garden
first melting
first garden 2
puddle jumping
puddle jumping 2
From the brave, early growth in my garden, to the sight of grass emerging through the melting snow, to the squishy mud beneath our feet. Spring is arriving, slowly but surely.


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Blue and Green on a Stormy Winter Day

blue winter 2
blue winter 6
blue winter 5
little ninja
blue winter 1
blue winter 3
blue winter 4
blue winter 7
…and a few other colors too.

After two days in a row of terrible, terrible pregnancy nausea despite the medication, I felt great today. I woke up feeling good right off the bat, and could tell I wasn’t even going to have to take anything. After breakfast I put on some peppy music, fixed myself a cup of tea, and did some housework. I made a fresh salad for lunch, loaded up with veggies, nuts, and a bit of mozzarella. I spent a good deal of time on the couch, with Simon snuggled on my lap, reading aloud to him. And I took a bunch of random snapshots with my camera.

Instead of taking pictures of the snow, I decided to capture little spots of brightness around my house. Mostly greens and blues, which are colors I am sorely missing from the landscape outside my window (too much grey and white still out there). Hunting for these bits of color gave me a happy feeling, and definitely helped ease the winter “blahs”.

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morning art
Last week there were two days of school cancellations due to weather, which meant no work for Mumma, and no preschool for Simon. We were stuck inside for two days. Then, we kicked off the beginning of this week with even more inclement weather, dangerous roads, and staying indoors. This winter has been a doozy, and it is only just beginning for us here in Maine. I think it is safe to say that cabin fever has been high around here, and we are all a tad grumpy.

However, there has also been a lot of creativity. Jeramy got into the baking mood, and whipped up some crock pot beer bread on a whim. Simon and I drew in our sketchbooks. There have been multiple instances of toy cars being pressed into playdough, and some sponge painting.

sponge art
studio corner 2
studio corner
The sun has returned, and I look forward to shaking off some these feelings of being cooped up by getting us out of the house. However, I am glad that when we do end up “wintered-in”, we are able to find ways to add color and flavor to our days.

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52: The Rest

in a box
mumma's glasses
watching the snow
close up
christmas morning 1
drums 1
peek a snow“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Due to my unexpected blogging break, I wasn’t here each week to share the portraits of Simon for my 52 project. However, I loved this photography project so much, that I could not bear the thought of simply ending at 45/52. So, here are the final seven portraits to my series. They are presented in chronological order, and are from various parts of the past seven weeks.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this inspired idea from Jodi, and seeing the submissions of others each week. Having one of my blog posts for the week planned ahead of time was helpful as well through the more busy weeks of the year. Looking back over all of these posts, seeing how much Simon has changed, makes me smile. Documenting his childhood is definitely my favorite subject matter for my camera.

Linking up for the last time here: 52-250px

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in the leaves 1“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Simon: Coloring in footy-pajamas // Silly time in the leaves

Two sides of my child’s personality: From quietly sprawling on his belly to concentrate on his coloring in the morning, to the after-preschool crazy time that we spent outside the other day in which he jumped in the leaves and ran around the yard until he almost collapsed with exhaustion.

(I’m still running a bit behind on my portrait posting. I should catch up (finally) next week.)

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 cutting 5
hinking 1“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Simon: Jumping for joy // Embarking on an adventure

Again this week I am posting two week’s worth of portraits to catch up from my blogging hiatus during our move. Two moments, capturing two very different moods of Simon’s. First, his silliness and excitement after using scissors to cut out shapes and feeling proud of himself. Second, his seriousness and determination as we set out for our walk in the woods.

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