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Almost June



Tomorrow is the first day of June. I haven’t been to this space since February. I do feel as though I am slowly emerging from a fog at the same time as the weather has thawed into Spring from Winter.

Both of the children have had haircuts since I snapped these photos. So much changes in the blink of an eye with kids. Simon has only a short time left in preschool, and we will begin homeschool kindergarten in the Fall. Malcolm is a week away from being 8 months old, an age that I remember wishing I could pause and savor for longer when Simon was still a baby.

They keep me busy, that’s for sure. I’m still home with them during the day, and still striving to find a more purposeful rhythm for our days. I have been enjoying observing them as siblings. Seeing how much my children adore one another is the most rewarding thing.

I have much more to say, but for now I just wanted to pop back in, touch base with my corner of the web. I have set a personal goal to pick up the camera more often (not just the one on my cell phone), and get blogging again.

So, see you back again soon.


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A New Project

Hello All! It has been a very busy time around here with a new baby, a 4 year-old, and Christmas holidays happening. I haven’t posted here in quite a while again. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get back into blogging here more regularly, so I will be back soon with a real update.

For now, I am stopping by to invite you to check out a new blogging project: K Lord Art. I have often shared my art with you here, but because the main focus of this blog has always been about my daily life and motherhood, I didn’t share my art as often as I wanted to. After some deliberation I have decided to start the new blog, just for all of my art endeavors, and keep this blog what it has always been.

I would love for you to check it out, and click the ‘follow’ button to follow along with me over there too.




Hello! I am still here. I have been away for a while on a much needed blogging break. Starting my new job, buying a house, motherhood–all of this can be stressful at the best of times, but November and December for me reached a very high stress level and I had to tune out the things that I could. Work, home, and family became my priority, (though not in that order) and other things were paused for a while. Now that the holidays are over however, I feel a renewed sense of focus and creativity.

So, how have you been? I have missed my little corner of the web dearly, and all of you who stop by. I’d love to hear from you in a comment, or have you share a link to your own blog or online spot for me to come over. I also look forward to sharing a lot with you in 2014.

It feels good to be back.

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Where My Brain Is At

Hi there. Things have been a bit all over the place lately, both literally and mentally. I wanted to stop by tonight and give you an update to fill you in on all the goings-on of my recent days.

~We are buying a house! I need to repeat that. We are buying a house! I am thrilled, but it is also exhausting. Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Home inspection, appraisal, meeting with our lender, calls to our realtor, arranging for a move and notifying our current landlord, homeowner’s insurance, etc. You are probably bored just reading these last couple of sentences. I don’t blame you. That is part of my lack of blogging lately; as excited as I am that we are going through this process at last, it is mostly mind-numbing.

~I have been daydreaming of decor and home improvement projects. I am suddenly interested in learning to tile. I notice other people’s landscaping in detail I never cared to before. I have started mentally plotting the garden that I won’t even be able to begin working on until next Spring. I find myself using trite phrases like “curb appeal” and “resale value”. I have wasted hours online, browsing through virtual home tours. Yeah, I have become a home decor nerd. I am looking forward to the time when I can share some before and after pictures here on the blog.

~Simon starts part-time preschool just 2 weeks from today! I know he is going to love it and have a blast. His teachers sent him a letter that arrived today with some enclosed stickers. It made him feel really special. Even though we are planning to homeschool, this will give him some time out of the house to make friends, socialize, and learn while I begin a new schedule at work.

~I am going to be presenting Storytimes for babies and preschoolers at the library where I already work as a Library Assistant. I have spent almost as much time daydreaming about this as I have the house. (Almost.) Choosing books that are perfect read-alouds, selecting songs and fingerplays, creating visuals, and plotting crafts and activities has trickled over into my time at home and not just at work, because I love my job so much. I am really hoping that I will get appointed to do this in an official capacity, but for now I am just filling in as a substitute while I tweak my resume and cover letter.

So….there is my bloggy brain dump for the evening. I am such a scatter brain lately as I process all of this. However, I am feeling like I have broken through to a bit of calm at the center of the storm. I just need to wait, breathe, and try to seize these last days of Summer.

Whatever will be, will be.

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A Reminder


yellow flowers
pink flowers

This whole blogging business requires paying a certain amount of attention to my days, to find that moment that is worth writing about, worth remembering. Sometimes this comes easily, such as when we go somewhere scenic or adventurous, or when we celebrate a family event, or do a picture-worthy craft project. Other days, I find it harder…I stumble through the motions of the day, and when it ends I am too exhausted to recall how it all went. Lately, I have been experiencing much more of the latter. I do intend to blog, but then I find myself thinking: “What about today is special enough to share? Certainly, no one wants to read about me paying the bills and driving through hellish traffic!?

I am forgetting the point, the reason I started this blog in the first place. It was not because I thought myself to be the best writer, philosopher, or entertainer. It was for myself. And if, in writing (and photographing) for myself, someone else found something they liked. or related to, or were inspired by, then that is a bonus. A wonderful bonus, but definitely not the primary goal.

So while I write this blog for all of you who come here daily, or from time to time…I need to be real, and remember to write for me too. Pressuring myself to have fantastic and amusing content each time I write stifles the creative process, and causes me to switch off, and avoid writing anything at all. Some of my own favorite blogs are not about anything in particular. A few photographs and words, capturing the beauty of everyday life. Some people have a knack for seeking out that little bit of special in their days…from a photograph of their artfully arranged breakfast, to prose about a moving sunset. I go there to read and gain a sense of calm, and to take a breath. I like blogs with more information too, I definitely do. But sometimes, I just need to escape from reality and the bombardment of info and step into someone else’s moments for a little while. And when I write, I am stepping out of my routine and into my own meditation, and a chance to reflect on what made that day good.

I know, I have written this before, my reasons for writing. Yet, sometimes I need the reminder.


From A Foreign Computer

making dinner
My compter’s keyboard and battery decided not to work anymore the other day, and so I am borrowing my husband’s computer until new parts can arrive. It is funny how much I took for granted the comfort and ease of having my very own laptop, set up just the way I like it, loaded with all the software I find helpful, and with my folders organized for easy use. I feel like I am in foreign territory, even though we have the exact same model of laptop.

I am hoping that the new keyboard unit will be delivered tomorrow, and that Jeramy can perform the operation in time for my Sunday “52” post. I suppose if not, I will make do using the computer I am on right now.

What’s been going on the past few days?
~Lots and lots (and lots!) of art making with Simon at his new easel.
~Showing him how to make enchiladas and get the perfect fold. He was in charge of sprinkling the cheese.
~A friend borrowed my car the other day and was in an accident. My friend is ok but my car is not. Thank goodness for Triple A, insurance, and a trustworthy mechanic.
~Thinking a lot about my upcoming birthday. I would like to go out dancing!
~Back to bitter cold temperatures, and more snow on the ground. (Which is what caused the aforementioned car accident.)
~I joined a book club recently, in order to force myself to read more fiction, and we are about to begin a new book, Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Anyone read this?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


No Time

I have had quite the full weekend, which is the reason for my absence from this space yesterday, only 3 days into my goal of posting every single day for NaBloPoMo.

I was a “performer”, Saturday night, and again this afternoon, in a tribute show, to honor a very talented poet–Pearl Sawyer– who I have been lucky enough to meet in her 90th year. A group of us read selected poems from her long career, and she joined us on stage at the end to read a few of her new, not yet published poems. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in such a celebration of creativity and life.

Ironically, my poem was entitled “No Time” and is about the arrival of winter’s first snowstorm, and the poet’s strong desire to write about the beauty of it, yet, there are too many chores and daily tasks that need doing, which get in her way. And here I am now, apologizing to you for not having time to write.

The weekend is now over, and I find myself exhausted, though also uplifted. The opportunity to be a part of something outside of my day-to-day routine, and within the larger community is extremely valuable. As a stay-at-home mom, seizing upon these kinds of experiences is of great importance to me. It keeps me sane by shaking up the normal schedule, but also nurtures my sense of self.

If there is one lesson to be learned from all of Pearl’s poetry this weekend, it is that life cannot wait. You must get out there and take part in the moments as they come. (Even if it means waiting to write about them another day.)