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Halloween 2013

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ghost simon
Hi! Happy November! I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween yesterday, if you celebrate. We sure did!

In the morning I got up early to start engineering my horizontally braided hair for my Pippi Longstocking costume. (At work, all of us Children’s Librarians dressed up as various Children’s book characters.) I dropped Simon off at preschool in my costume and was the only parent dressed up so early in the day. His ghost costume was in a bag because his class was going to all get dressed up together. (That way, no little ones would be as likely to be scared of their classmates in masks.) After work, I picked Simon up and we drove to go surprise his Papa and Mimi both at their work places. By the time we finished doing that, Jeramy was home from work and it was time to get ready to take Simon Trick or Treating.

We usually go to a neighboring town, which has a shopping village made up of well-lit streets that are lined with little touristy shops and outlet stores. This year though, it was raining and super windy, so we went to our local Mall instead. It was perfect because we were indoors, and Simon walked happily up one side of the mall and down the other, while store employees in costumes handed out candy to all the kids. He loves Trick or Treating and was so polite, wishing each candy hander-outer a “Happy Halloween!” and saying “Thank You!”.

Finally, we went to my Mother-in-law’s house for a pizza dinner, which has also become a Halloween tradition over the last three years. Jeramy and I sorted Simon’s candy into a pile that he can have, and pile of stuff that was loaded with food coloring or too choke-able for his age. I know it is supposed to be a myth that children get a “sugar high”, but after being allowed a couple of sugary treats, Simon was all wound up and difficult to put to bed. It was a long day, but I love Halloween and dressing up, and so does my child, so we had a lot of fun.

Did you or your kids dress up for Halloween? If so, I’d love to hear what your costumes were, and if you blogged about it, leave a link with your comment!


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