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super simon 6
concentrating 2“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Simon: Exploring the construction site as “Super Simon” // Concentrating hard, using a screwdriver to take apart the broken tv with Daddy

I am still a couple of weeks behind in my 52 project, (It is week 39) but if I post two week’s worth for a bit I should be back on track in no time. The move really threw me off track in my blogging.

The top portrait is from a family walk that we went on, before we moved. Simon wanted to dress in his cape and sunglasses, and we ended up exploring a construction site together. It was the weekend, so there was no work taking place and we were able to get close to (or even walk on or in) the heavy equipment. Simon absolutely loves tractors (he says he wants to be a crane operator when he grows up), so this was so exciting for him.

The second portrait was taken when Jeramy and Simon were making the best of a bad situation. Simon had gotten carried away that morning, and hit the tv with drumsticks during an excited musical moment. The tv broke. Completely broke. As bummed as we were that such an expensive item was irreparable, Jeramy decided to take it apart and let Simon help. It became a scientific and mechanical learning experience. Simon practiced his fine motor skills, and took his use of the screwdriver very seriously.

I think both photographs show the importance of exploring the world as a three-year old.

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