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Caps and Mirrors

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caps and mirrors 2
caps and mirrors 3
caps and mirrors 1
In preparation for the big move, I have been going through boxes and shelves of stuff, deciding what to toss, what to donate, and what to keep. I am determined not to bring extra clutter with us. As I sifted through a big tote full of decorations from our wedding 6 years ago, I came across some small, round mirrors, which had been used in our table centerpieces. I believe we had purchased them at the Dollar Store. These mirrors, along with some glass pebbles, were set aside for Simon to use in play and art activities. The rest of the decorations were donated to Goodwill or the Library where I work.

Today, I set out some mirrors, and Simon’s bin of recycled caps. I left these out for him as an invitation to play, and when he saw, he was excited. He played for a while, stacking towers of the caps on the mirrors, which reflected and looked as though they were “stacking” down into the floor too. He also brought some of his small toys out to place on the mirrors. Then, he picked the mirrors up and used them to look all around the room, exclaiming: “I can see the clock!”, and “Look, Mumma! I can see the room in there!”

I am really glad I re-discovered these mirrors. They will definitely be coming out often to add a new dimension to play.

**Note: Simon was given several warnings about the break-ability of mirrors, and told to handle them gently. He was very good about it. **


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