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When Life Hands You Graffiti, Make Pie

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chocolate coconut pie 2
chocolate coconut pie

Our home was vandalized with spray paint and gang signs yesterday. We are not sure if it is really a gang moving into our neighborhood, or local kids pretending and trying to prank the neighborhood with symbols they found on the internet. Either way it is troubling, and set the tone for a fairly on edge day yesterday, especially as we kept finding more graffiti on our street with the same gang symbolism.

We also put an offer in on a house yesterday. This is our third time making an offer on a house, and we are hoping the expression is true: “Third time’s a charm”. We are keeping our fingers tightly crossed, and hoping and dreaming that this search for a home and yard of our own is finally coming to an end.

I am also struggling with a search for part-time preschool for Simon. I have found a place that we all love, but the hours they have there don’t fit with my new work schedule. I only have a few weeks to work this all out, and therefore, my stress level is high.

With all of these goings-on and things weighing on my mind yesterday, I decided the best course of action was to bake pie. Smooth dark chocolate pie, on a coconut crust, with almonds and sea salt sprinkled gently on top. Originally a Martha Stewart recipe, tweaked and passed along by a friend who loves to bake, and further tweaked a bit by me. Measuring, mixing, licking the spoon…all of this gave me something creative to focus on instead of stressful matters.

The next time you have a lot on your mind, causing you to fret, I highly recommend this course of action. Words to live by: “Just make pie.”



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One thought on “When Life Hands You Graffiti, Make Pie

  1. Making pie is always the answer.

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