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The Downtown Painting

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downtown painting

Here is my final version of the painting I did to raise money for Art Van. I have to admit, this subject matter was quite a distance out of my comfort zone. Though I have painted architectural scenes in the past as assignments in college, they are not where I feel the most confident. I tend to gravitate toward more free-flowing, organic lines, and my subject matter is more likely to be a nude figure, or an ocean landscape than a row of buildings. I tried to remind myself not to get caught up in realism, and to keep it “painterly”.

downtown-detail 2
downtown-detail 1
Being a part of this was a terrific thing for me, despite the discomfort that came with stepping out of my usual realm. First of all, it got me painting again, during a time when I keep finding myself pushing my art aside. I had a deadline, so I could not do that. Second, it will be hanging in a public space, so I was forced to take care, and give this piece attention. I had to actually put work into it. Third, and perhaps, most importantly, it reminded me of who I am. I am an artist, and I often allow myself to forget that. As I worked on this painting for the final time, putting my brush to the painting surface, I went from a place of questioning into a place that was very zen. I got to thinking “Oh, yes, this is what I do.” Art making, for me, after a long time away, feels like returning home.

Making a conscious effort to make time for my art is something I need to work on. Creating art is important to me, it is more than just a hobby, it a part of what makes me feel centered and complete.

I look forward to seeing what the other two artists came up with. As soon as all three parts of the triptych are hung together, I will take photos and share them.


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One thought on “The Downtown Painting

  1. I LOVE your painting! I love the style and the feel and the colors are awesome! Great job! Looking forward to seeing the others and more from YOU!!!

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