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At The Pond


beaver park 1
beaver park 3
beaver park 2
beaver park 5
beaver park 6
beaver park 10
beaver park 7
beaver park 4
beaver park 9
beaver park 8
The Spring weather lately has been just begging us to spend time outside, and on Saturday we found ourselves with free time together as a family. Jeramy and I asked Simon: “What do you want to do today?”, and he answered: “Go to da beach.” My parents generously bought us a year-long pass to a local place that has hiking trails, fields, scenic spots to explore, and a sandy little beach. That is where we ended up.

The water is still very cold this time of year, and there was a strong breeze, but that didn’t stop my little explorer. He wanted to walk right into the water, chasing the little fish, splashing, and gathering buckets of water to bring up onto the beach and dump out on the sand. We had the whole beach to ourselves for a while, and then a few other families came with some older children who were armed with frog-catching nets. They brought over all kinds of creatures for Simon to look at, and Simon wanted to run off with them into the tall reeds. He walked up to a boy who is probably about two years older than he is, and proudly announced: “I have a bucket too. It’s pretty, see?” The boy smiled, and splashed past in the tall grass.

We started to build a sandcastle, but it changed into a volcano, and then Simon filled in the hole, so I suppose it was a mountain in the end. Jeramy and Simon went and walked the perimeter of the pond a bit, while I sat, relaxing on the warm sand and did some people watching.

After a couple of hours it was time to gather up the buckets and shovels, change our mud and water covered toddler into some dry clothes, and head home to make some supper. We all got a good fill of fresh air and sun, and had a great time being outside.


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3 thoughts on “At The Pond

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  2. These pictures are so great! A frog and a turtle! My kids would love that!

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