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Buggle Food


Due to some allergy issues, Simon’s diet will be going dairy-free for a while, starting tomorrow. If dairy turns out not to be a trigger, we can try eliminating something else. If this change makes a difference, we will stick with it. It is going to be a big challenge for this dairy-lovin’ family. If it helps him out though, it will be worth it. I am currently doing some research and making some menus of things he can eat. I figure, if I have the menus ready ahead of time, this change will feel a lot less drastic.

I will definitely share some of that experience with you all as it get underway. For now though, here are a few toddler meals I have photographed, pre-change.

buggle food 41Breakfast: Heart-shaped toast with a little butter, and apple slices

buggle food vs mumma food 7Mumma and Simon Breakfast: granola and almond milk with walnuts and dried cranberries

buggle food 42Lunch: Pumpkin seed crackers with laughing cow cheese, cucumber slices, and dried cranberries

buggle food 39Lunch: Leftover macaroni and cheese, and a pinwheel of mandarin orange slices with a blueberry center

One question I have gotten about Simon’s food, is whether or not I am eating the same thing. The answer is, that I almost always am eating the same thing, occasionally with variations (such as hot sauce on my omelet, but not on his). I simply take more care in how I present his food than I do with my own, and therefore, my food is not always photo-worthy. When I think of it though, I do try to take pictures of both, such as I did above with our granola.

Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures of his food this coming week, so I can share a dairy-free toddler food post with you soon. Wish us luck!!

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7 thoughts on “Buggle Food

  1. I see you are still serving him cheese. My husband is allergic to all dairy except goat’s milk products, and the macaroni and cheese and Laughing Cow would send him into flu-like symptoms with diarhea.

  2. We’ve had to go dairy-free, too, and it was a huge change for us! We LOVE dairy, so it’s been difficult to figure out how to cook and what we want to eat.

    One of our favorite discoveries has been coconut oil (and coconut milk). We find it’s the yummiest, easiest substitute for butter and milk for us.

    Good luck with your transition! If it turns out dairy was the culprit, it will be so worth it to make the switch.

    • One thing that makes this switch a teeny bit easier, is that my husband is mildly lactose intolerant, so we already drink coconut or almond milk. Cheese doesn’t seem to bother him though, so we have always been able to eat cheese–until now.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes. We are going to need them!!

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