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The Return Of Spring

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easter eggs
making blondies
egg hunting
egg hunting 2
johnny jump up
This weekend, as a family, we are celebrating the return of Spring.

This morning  started with Simon and I boiling and coloring some eggs together. This time around we did nothing fancy, just crayons and nontoxic markers. Afterward, Simon immediately wanted to eat some, so most of them did not last long, but they made a perfect breakfast. He loved helping to peel off the shells.

For lunch we had wood-fired bagels, and freshly made cream-cheese from our favorite local market. (And a coffee for Mumma!) After Simon’s  “nap” we made chocolate-chip blondies together, to bring with us for an evening with Simon’s Mimi and Papa (my parents).

When we arrived at their house, Simon was presented with a bucket, and he grabbed a magnifying glass to set out on an egg hunt in their yard. He has really been into treasure hunts, looking for clues, and maps lately, so he was very excited.

I enjoyed the brilliant sun, and the warmth today. It was in the high 40’s, so not very warm by some people’s standards, but for this Maine gal it meant no coat, and wearing flats with no socks for the first time all year. It meant there was no unshakable, bitter chill in my bones. After dinner we all took a short walk: Jeramy, Simon, his Mimi and Papa,  my brother Ian, and I…and being outside on this lovely day made me feel very content.

Happy Spring everyone!


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