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DIY I Spy Game


I Spy Game 2
I Spy Game
Simon absolutely loves playing “I Spy”, and we often use that game to keep him occupied while waiting in public places, or on long car trips. He also loves reading the “I Spy” type of books we own, and that I bring home from the library. To add to the fun, I decided to make an “I Spy” board that we can reuse again and again to play.

I simply cut pictures out of old magazines that were headed for the recycling bin, and then glued them all onto a big sheet of bristol board in a big collage. I tried to group items of similar color and shape together in a few places to add to the visual challenge. The pictures that I chose to cut out were anything small and kid-friendly.

This evening; Jeramy, Simon, and I sat together on the floor with the collage and played as a family. We started with easy things, like:
“I Spy with my little eye, something green…”
or “I Spy a rooster.”

Then, we graduated to tougher things, like:
“I Spy someone with a bird on their head.”
or “I Spy three different zebras.”

I have already thought of other variations, such as hiding all of the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-20 on another board. Or making “I Spy” boards that have themes of different things he is learning about, such as all outer-space things, or all animals. Then, as he gets older we can use clues like: “I spy the world’s largest mammal” or “I spy the answer to ten minus eight.” The possibilities are endless to use this game for fun and learning.


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2 thoughts on “DIY I Spy Game

  1. Love this! What a fantastic idea and it is extra special being handmade!!!

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