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Baking Bread: The Result



baking bread 4
baking bread 5
baking bread 6

I am so happy to report a successful final result from yesterday’s bread baking adventure. Sadly, I had to work today, so I was not home for the actual baking. Jeramy and Simon did that together today. When I returned home, however, the glorious, golden brown loaf you see above was waiting for me and still warm. (The top two photos were taken by Jeramy. He knew I’d want some for the blogSmiling emoticon)

At supper time, we excitedly cut into the crust, curious if the inside would be that perfect combination of fluffy and chewy. All three of us took a small hunk of bread  to try. It was perfect. I felt a bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he triumphantly exclaims: “I made fire!“. Except that this was a team effort. We made bread!!

A large portion of tonight’s loaf was paired with tomato soup. There might be french toast for breakfast. I am already planning a run to the fabric store tomorrow so that I can make some of these bread bowl covers, and some of Soulemama’s bread bags. Jeramy and I have tossed around variations and mix-ins we each want to try. With just one loaf we have converted to a family that bakes their own bread.

If you are thinking of making the switch, take it from me: It really is super easy, and completely worth it.

Here is the recipe link again: Simply So Good-Crusty Bread


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8 thoughts on “Baking Bread: The Result

  1. YAY! Looks soooooo delish!

  2. That looks delicious! The recipe doesn’t look too hard, either, except, I don’t have a pot like that, with a lid. Hmmm…time to get creative!

    • If you read the article, at the bottom she has some FAQ’s and one of them addresses different pots you can use. I don’t have a creuset, but a lidded casserole baking dish worked for us. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. Your bread looks amazing. I greatly appreciate you posting my link. Your blog is so much fun. Happy baking.

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  5. How I have enjoyed perusing your blog! Beautiful pics fo your little one and lots of good “mommy info.” But what has stuck with me most is this post on your bread baking adventures. Lemon zest and Thyme sounds absolutely wonderful. I also appreciated the link to the bread bags.

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