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Coffee Filter Hearts


coffee filter hearts 1
coffee filter hearts 2
coffee filter hearts 3
coffee filter hearts 4
coffee filter hearts 5
coffee filter hearts 6
coffee filter hearts 8
coffee filter hearts 7
coffee filter hearts 9
My little guy has been very artistic lately. Since I am not one to let such creative energy go to waste, I set up a project for him to do yesterday that was a little different from the everyday crayons on paper.

Coffee filters make a great surface to paint on with watercolor. First, they suck up the wet paint and it is so much fun to watch the colors spread and “bloom”. Secondly, they are very tough, and can withstand a lot of water, roughness with the brush, and being pushed and pulled around by toddler hands without ripping. That made them perfect for this project.

I cut some hearts out of the coffee filters, since it is valentine season. Then I placed the hearts onto a spare piece of cardboard (to help soak up excess water that he might slosh around), and set out his water jar, paints, and brushes. Before he started, I put some water onto each dry pan of paint to get them ready.

Simon had a lot of fun doing this project, and the hearts went through many different stages of paint and color before he finally declared them finished. I then placed them onto some wax paper to dry for a while. After they dried, we taped them to the windows in the kitchen together (I put the tape onto them, he did the sticking), where they now catch the light beautifully. They are just transparent enough for the light to shine through, adding pretty color to these grey winter days.

For more heart-related fun, check out the banner I made with Simon’s paintings last year!


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9 thoughts on “Coffee Filter Hearts

  1. These are adorable!!!

  2. Great idea with Valentine’s coming up!

  3. Totally need to pull out the watercolors!!

  4. These are really cute! 🙂 Great idea.

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