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Clay Snowmen

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clay snowman
This was the most recent craft project that I prepared for the kids in my toddler/preschooler art group at the library where I work. I wanted to do something winter related for January, and when I saw the idea for playdough snowmen here, I decided to tweak it a little bit in order to use up some air-dry clay I had leftover from a previous program. I figured, that way, the kids would have something they could keep at home as a decoration or to play with.

I was able to gather up most of the items for the kids to decorate their snowmen with out of various leftover bits and bobs from previous crafts. Here is a list of everything I put out:

~Crayola white air-dry clay
~Big buttons with bumps in the center that I thought would make good hats
~Some large beads
~Small buttons of various colors
~Colorful sequins
~Pipe cleaners pre-cut into lengths that would work for carrot noses or arms
~Strips of miscellaneous fabrics that I pre-cut ahead of time to use as scarves
~Pieces of colorful yarn
~Little googly eyes

Some items that I did not have, but which I thought might also be fun:
~craft feathers
~twigs from outside
~acorn tops

I put out trays with the various items, and gave each child a glob of clay when they came in. The kids and their parents seemed to be having a lot of fun. I really enjoyed seeing what they came up with. One little boy put long pipe cleaners all over his snowman at odd angles, and it looked like it had bug legs. Another child made a ring off googly eyes all around his snowman’s head and it looked very alien-like. One of the Moms made her own snowman and bedazzled it with the sequins all over, and used one of the large beads as a beret style hat. She even found some large, leaf-shaped sequins in the pile and gave her snowman fairy wings. I think my favorite part might have been watching the little toddlers in the group just having a blast rolling balls of clay between their fingers.

This project was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it.

clay snowman 2

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