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No Time


I have had quite the full weekend, which is the reason for my absence from this space yesterday, only 3 days into my goal of posting every single day for NaBloPoMo.

I was a “performer”, Saturday night, and again this afternoon, in a tribute show, to honor a very talented poet–Pearl Sawyer– who I have been lucky enough to meet in her 90th year. A group of us read selected poems from her long career, and she joined us on stage at the end to read a few of her new, not yet published poems. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in such a celebration of creativity and life.

Ironically, my poem was entitled “No Time” and is about the arrival of winter’s first snowstorm, and the poet’s strong desire to write about the beauty of it, yet, there are too many chores and daily tasks that need doing, which get in her way. And here I am now, apologizing to you for not having time to write.

The weekend is now over, and I find myself exhausted, though also uplifted. The opportunity to be a part of something outside of my day-to-day routine, and within the larger community is extremely valuable. As a stay-at-home mom, seizing upon these kinds of experiences is of great importance to me. It keeps me sane by shaking up the normal schedule, but also nurtures my sense of self.

If there is one lesson to be learned from all of Pearl’s poetry this weekend, it is that life cannot wait. You must get out there and take part in the moments as they come. (Even if it means waiting to write about them another day.)


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

4 thoughts on “No Time

  1. Life cannot (and should not) wait. Love it. 🙂

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  3. So great you did that! Stepping away from the blog feed the blog for sure : )

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