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Felt Food

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Yesterday evening, Simon and I were make-believe cooking together in his play kitchen, when he said something about a carrot. He doesn’t have any play food carrots though, so I decided to make some. I only had enough orange felt scrap left in my bin to make one carrot for now, but I sewed it up last night after Simon was in bed, and left it in his stuffed turtle’s mouth for him to find this morning. He was delighted.

This afternoon, we were playing on his felt shape board, and he wanted some new shapes. So I cut out the ingredients for him to make a felt pizza. A beige circle for dough, a wobbly red shape for sauce, yellow cheese pieces for him to sprinkle on, and some green rectangles for peppers and brown mushroom shapes as toppings. He loved the mushrooms best of all, and asked me for a big one, so I whipped up a little spotted toadstool while he played. I stuffed it with batting,  just like the carrot, and then used felt glue to add spots.

These little projects were so simple to make with only basic sewing skills. The pizza involved no sewing at all. I am planning to make more very soon, and the possibilities are endless. I want to start with more mushrooms. They can double as food for the play kitchen, and as toadstools for make-believe fairyland. I am also thinking of some triangle cones, bowl shapes, and ice cream blobs for the felt board.

I remember when I was a kid, cutting up bits of green construction paper into individual circles to pretend they were peas, stirring them, and pretending to cook them. Now I am all “grown up” and still cutting out little food shapes for my own child.


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One thought on “Felt Food

  1. That is so sweet! You have definitely just inspired me! Adding a felt project to my list!!!

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