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A Warm and Snuggly Feeling

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Once again the weather has shifted and a chill returned to our days, the heat turned back on and sweaters worn. Simon and I had a tug of war today over the fact that I was wearing a scarf around the house. He seemed to feel it was improper for indoor wearing, and my reasoning about Mumma being cold didn’t jive with his two year-old sensibilities.

Jeramy returned to us this afternoon with big squeezy hugs. It feels good to have us all under the same roof tonight.

This reminds me that I forgot to share the good news: Jeramy works a normal schedule now, instead of third shift, so our days together feel so much smoother and more natural. On weekends, we can get up and go somewhere, or loaf around the house together in our pajamas, instead of Simon and I waiting all day for Daddy to wake up. I believe it is healthier too, for my poor husband, to be awake during daylight hours, and asleep at night. I think his circadian rhythms can settle into their proper place now, instead of fighting an uphill battle with nature. The final added bonus is that I actually sleep next to someone again, instead of waking for my day when he came to bed, like the changing of the guard. On cold winter nights I can now tuck my freezing toes under his warm legs.

Anyway, he came home today after being away since Friday…not that long really, but it felt long without him. Simon gave him a big grin and extra hugs at bedtime. We swapped stories of our weekend adventures. I took a nap this afternoon on the couch instead of in my bedroom, because I wanted to be in the same room that he was in, even if I was snoozing.

Today gave me a warm and snuggly feeling, despite the chill in the air.


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