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DIY Felt Board



A little shop near me sells some felt shape playsets for kids, and I knew when I saw them that Simon would love them. However, I also found myself thinking “I could make that”, and so I did.

I started by taking a large rectangular-shaped piece of leftover cardboard and covering it with felt. Large pieces of felt are available at the fabric store; I happened to have some leftover from a Halloween costume. Otherwise, a single 9×12 sheet from the craft store would work on a smaller piece of cardboard. I wrapped a little bit around the back, glued it, and used some clips to hold the felt in place while the glue dried. This is the backdrop. I happened to have green, but I think black would actually make the best background for the colors to pop against.

After the background was ready, I got to work cutting out whatever shapes popped into my head from colorful felt scraps I had on hand. For me, this part was fun, as I found myself thinking of different things we might want to create out of the shapes, such as: “we might need legs for a creature, so I will cut four long thin shapes” or “we will probably need some water so I will cut a wavy blue shape”…etc.

Simon really enjoys his felt board, and arranging the shapes onto it. His favorite things for us to make together are houses, using a large square with a large triangle for a roof. This activity has also been a great way for him to learn about shapes, as I cut them out for him and we talked about what they were. Jeramy has also had fun playing with it, and made both a rocket ship and a helicopter out of the shapes that really impressed Simon and I.

We’ll definitely be having fun with this for a long time to come, and I didn’t spend a dime.


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

7 thoughts on “DIY Felt Board

  1. That’s so awesome! I don’t have felt lying around but I’d love to get my hands on some.

  2. I wanted to do one for Tea, but was too intimidated by the artistry needed to cut the shapes 😮 Love it!

  3. Very fun!! 🙂 I seriously need to stock up on some felt.

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