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Summer Days

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It is one of those summer days in which it is not too hot or humid to open the windows and listen to the tweeting of the birds. The sun is shining, lovely and bright in the sky, but the gentle breeze is delightfully soothing. All is quiet in my house, as Jeramy is asleep and Simon is taking his nap. I have been feeling as though I might be fighting off a summer cold all day. For the past three days, actually. I am hoping it is only allergies and a need for better sleep.

Every day lately, there is the question: “What should we do today?”. Every day, it seems, we do not know the answer to that question until moments before. Yesterday, we went to the playground half an hour before Simon’s bedtime on whim. Another day, we accepted a last-minute invitation for frozen custard, which we ate at a covered picnic table surrounded by a thunder and lightning storm. Small adventures.

I drafted up a sort of rough schedule for Simon and I to follow during the week. We have rarely stuck to it these summer days. Summer is not like that, it refuses to be defined, or predicted, or contained.

A slightly bigger adventure, a weekend in Rangely, is heading our way. I am very much looking forward to it. This will be Simon’s first overnight anywhere, and our first vacation getaway, albeit a short one, together as a family. The next three days will be about laundry, and packing, and planning entertainment for my toddler on the car ride to and fro. I must be sure I have enough sunscreen, and a fully charged camera battery, and clothes for hiking, swimming, and sitting by the fire.

Until then, I sit listening to the birds and sipping Emergen-C, wondering what we will do today when my guys wake up.

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  1. Look at his cherub cheeks! Adorable

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