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Week’s End


Amy recently posted about the debate of which day actually ends the week, Saturday or Sunday. Some people go by the calendar, while others prefer to start the week with the first day of work, and end it with a break. In this house, we have an interesting scenario, because Sunday nights are actually Jeramy’s first day back to work and he returns home early on Monday morning, and when I do work outside the home it is usually on a Saturday.

All of this to say that though my husband is currently gathering his things to head out for work, my brain is still in weekend mode because we are just wrapping up a few lackadaisical summer days. Sunday is half and half for us.

This Weekend:

~A lot of time spent, just the three of us, relaxing at home together. This is rare because usually Jeramy has to sleep until at least 2 in the afternoon and by the time he is up for the day we usually have plans with friends or family. His schedule got shifted around this week due to the holiday, and other obligations, so he was up in the morning with Simon and me. I loved this! I cannot wait until he works a day shift and we can do this all the time. Breakfasts together! Someone else awake to watch Simon so I can shower before noon! Being able to head out for an adventure, all of us together, before nap time! These are all highly appreciated novelties for me.

~Playdough has made a comeback for Simon in a big way these past few days. He will look at us and announce: “I play playdough now.” He requests it so frequently lately that I haven’t even bothered to put it back on the shelf in the office.

~Jeramy and I had a late dinner together after Simon was in bed last night. He whipped up some quesadillas for us. Mexican food is his specialty. Afterward, he made me a margarita and we watched the movie Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey. It was cute movie, and definitely geared toward married people.

~Spent a chunk of today at my Mother-in-law’s house in the backyard. We let Simon use the hose to fill up his little swimming pool. He pushed his “lawyer” (which is how he pronounces “lawnmower”) around in the grass. He dug in some of her rubber mulch with a shovel. After a while, he told us it was “too windy” and we went back inside to play with Lincoln Logs and Lego robots. What a fun way to spend a day.

~Treated myself to a small coffee ice cream with chocolate shavings this evening, which, if you ask me, is the perfect way to end a summer weekend.

Now tell me about your weekend…


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

5 thoughts on “Week’s End

  1. I still hold with Sunday being the first day of the week! 🙂 We spent our weekend coming home from the beach, unpacking, and doing laundry. And…I’m still not done!!!

    • I am very excited to report to you that I FINALLY unpacked that beach tote that was in the corner. I found two unfinished bottled of seltzer and some beach toys in there. As well as a lot of sand! I did a lot of organizing, and as we have been discussing here and there, it made me feel really good.

      I think I improved the flow of chi 🙂

  2. Sunday feels like the last day to me. My husband works many Saturdays and golfs many Sundays but when we do have family time it is fun!

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