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Future Cosmetologist?

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Usually, when I get my hair cut, or even dye it purple, Simon is oblivious. Or, if he notices, he doesn’t say anything. But today, when I got back home from the salon, he kept touching and patting my hair. Then, he asked to brush my hair. I am a sucker for having my hair played with, and also for indulging my child’s creativity when I can, so of course I obliged, and Jeramy snapped some pictures because it was so cute.

I know there are some people who think this an odd activity for little boys, and might even discourage them. When I worked in a toy store years and years ago, a Dad actually scolded his son for playing with a toy blow-dryer that we had set out. (It was really cool, and actually blew air!) Well, to all that poppycock I say nonsense! Men can style their hair too. Men can use blow dryers. And men can be barbers, hair stylists, cosmetologists, anything they want to be when they grow up. My own father went through cosmetology school, was a barber for many years, and even went on to teach cosmetology for ten years. My father is a straight man, who also likes to golf, play drums, and eat steak. He also happens to blow dry his hair every morning.

I could go on and on into a long diatribe on gender stereotyping in children, but I don’t feel like it right now. Instead I will just say that if you are ever having a bad day, you might try handing your toddler a hairbrush and letting them play with your hair. (Reminding them to be gentle, of course.) Yes, my hair got tousled and messy, but that was easy enough to fix. It was worth it for the very sweet bonding time with my little boy, where he got to be creative and also to do something caring for his Mumma.

Note: To see more about my haircut, take a peek over at my style blog.


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One thought on “Future Cosmetologist?

  1. My head is feeling a little tingly thinking about it : )

    And of course I agree!

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