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Summer’s Arrival


As you can probably tell by my new blog header, I have decided that Summer is here. I know the first official day hasn’t arrived quite yet, but my frame of mind has shifted, and so, for me, Summer it is.

We had corn on the cob with dinner tonight. It was Simon’s first time eating corn like this. It is the best way to eat it if you ask me, and I do believe he agreed. No butter or anything, just the pure, sweet corn. He also took bites from a green pepper like it was an apple and loved that too. No picky eating for my little guy today. It was quite the dinner victory for this Mumma.

All of this Summer thinking has me longing for some picnics at the ocean. Living in Maine, this is something I always look forward to, and that we haven’t really done since Simon was born. The only beaches we have taken him to have been lakes, and while those are lovely, it just doesn’t quite compare.

In the meantime, until our schedule will align with the weather for such an outing, we have still been trying to get outside. Simon and I spent quite a chunk of time the other day examining various bugs in the yard. (I had to explain why bees are not safe to touch.) Jeramy and I have spent time pushing him on his tricycle around the driveway. (His feet still don’t quite reach the pedals.) I also now have to make a habit of checking his little pockets whenever I do laundry, because he is always shoving rocks in there, any chance he can get. (I have found quite a few squeaky clean rocks in my washing machine recently.)

Between the bugs, the rocks, and the wonderful sunshine…yes, my Summer has arrived.


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

7 thoughts on “Summer’s Arrival

  1. Tea does the rocks in the pocket too, as well as wood chips, and there have been quite a few of those washed. We put a table up by the door, for her to empty her treasures onto before going in the house….

  2. Ooh, you just gave me the idea to give my little guy corn on the cob and have him gnaw on it like that! I’m sure he’ll love it. Happy summer to you!

    • I thought about taking the kernels off…then I thought about cutting a cob in half so he would have a mini cob…but then I figured I’d let him eat the way he saw Mumma and Daddy doing it, because he is always suspicious of me “dumbing down” his food. Sometimes he gets right out offended if I cut something into pieces!

  3. Cute details in this post! The rocks in pockets! Also corn on the cob doesn’t need anything on it! Completely agree – we had it last night and it was delightful!

    • As a kid i used to pile on the butter because that is what i saw others doing. As an adult I have come to appreciate that quality corn has better flavor, and is sweet and delicious all on its own. I also learned not to add salt to the cooking water, which dries it up.

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