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Time Warp: Simon’s First Birthday


As of today we are officially one month from the day my little guy turns 2. I cannot believe it.

Yesterday, I found myself looking over his 1st birthday photos and seeing what a difference there is in him now. What chubby  cheeks he had! How few teeth!

He took his first steps that day, discovered a love for watermelon, and had a blast with balloons.

We had a small party here at home, with just some close family and friends. I have a hard time not throwing a get-together unless it has a theme, and when a friend sent me a picture of a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake I was sold.

                                                My friend Bri made the cake. Isn’t it cute? Her inspiration came from here.

I decorated our kitchen with cut out pictures I found of the book’s illustrations online. I also hung up some streamers and got a few colorful balloons. Simon was very excited when he woke up on his birthday morning and came into the kitchen. He looked up and said “Ooooh!“.

I also taped streamers and illustrations of food from the book all around his high chair. He had fun peeling these off later.

I put out fresh strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and cheese, and poked holes through everything with straws to suggest the hungry caterpillar had been there. I also decorated all of the cups with food illustrations from the book. Each cup was different, so everyone would know which cup belonged to them.

We didn’t have a ton of guests, but for the three kids who were invited the favors were huge white chocolate lollipops with rainbow sprinkles, which also had holes through them of course! For the youngest guest, who was only 3, I also had some Hungry Caterpillar coloring pages for him to bring home.

At this age, Simon was very much interested in tearing the paper off of his presents and inspecting the pretty bows.

When it came time for the cake, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, and Jeramy and I helped him blow out his candle. We gave Simon the head of the caterpillar for himself, and I learned a lesson about having red frosting for a child’s first birthday: They will look a bit gruesome in their photographs. Haha, we only have one or two in which he doesn’t look like a flesh-eating zombie. At least he’s a cute zombie.

So that was last year, and I am now planning this year’s birthday. I am hoping to achieve something simple yet festive. I, of course, have a theme in mind and lots of ideas for ways to make his day special. Stay tuned!

Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

4 thoughts on “Time Warp: Simon’s First Birthday

  1. What an amazing idea for a party theme! Most of the food so healthy!!! Love how you made the cups too! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for number 2!

    My daughter went through a serious Max and Ruby phase at 3 or 4 and I made a bunch of stuff for that party including a pin the tail on Max. I got a lot of satisfaction out of it : )

  2. Holy cow that is the cutest birthday party theme! I don’t normally do themes or just stick to basic stuff but I think I may have to steal this idea 🙂 I love the holes in the fruits lol.

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