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Week’s End


Sunday is always a very transitional day for us, because the rest of the world is still in weekend mode, but it is Jeramy’s first night back to work for the week. It takes a bit of mental adjusting. We are also transitioning into a new week with the main goal of enjoying renewed health. Simon is still a bit rough around the edges health-wise, but the wheezing is gone, and I am no longer fearful that the slightest physical activity will land him right back in the hospital. Mostly he just has a super runny nose with an occasional cough. I am thankful that the big scare is over.

This morning it is rainy and grey, and we have been taking it easy. Hopefully, I can find some extra energy to tackle all that needs doing in the second half of the day.

Here are the highlights of our weekend:

~Yesterday we decided Simon was overdue for a change of scenery (besides home and hospital) so we all went to the coffee shop and then to wander the pet store and look at the animals. This way he got to stretch his legs, but his little lungs weren’t out in the cold wind. He is still afraid of the snakes.

~Got all geared up for a Trader Joe’s run with a friend last night, and even bought a cooler for the 45 minute trip home with the groceries I was planning to buy, only to get there 4 minutes past closing time. Sigh. I do wish there was one closer to where we live.

~Baked chocolate chip cookies with Jeramy, and enjoyed them with almond milk.

~Had to get the scarves and jackets back out with the return of more “March-like” Maine weather.

~Spent a good deal of time building a tower, and having Simon knock it down. I would pretend to be startled and he would crack up with adorable baby giggles.

~Discovered that Simon likes tempura sweet potatoes.

~Finally bought Simon some new rain boots. They looked a lot smaller in the store, and when I got them home Jeramy and I discovered they are so big, we can fit Simon’s winter boots inside them. I bought the smallest size they come in! My child may be almost 2 years old, but he has the same size feet that he did on his 1st birthday. They just don’t make many shoes for kids of walking age (meaning with soles for outside) small enough. I guess he will have to wear his waterproof blue winter boots for puddle splashing this spring.

~I have a giant mound of laundry calling out to me for folding. Methinks a chai might be in order.

What did you do this weekend?


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

4 thoughts on “Week’s End

  1. so glad to hear your son is doing better. you guys have been through the wringer this past week! i hope all of you stay super healthy for much time to come.
    this weekend i did lots of little things, and two big things:
    1) i put together a raised garden in our backyard (with Emmy’s help, in her own 17 month old way)
    2) i started working on a drawing of my grandparents, my sister and me (from way back in the day). my grandfather just passed away and i wanted to make something special honoring his memory, that i could send to my grandma (they are far away, in Vancouver).
    it’s been a sort of productive, meaningful weekend. 🙂

  2. Not much, really. Laundry (what else is new), hit the mall to get some spring/summer clothes for my daughter who just keeps growing out of everything before I can blink, visited a friend in the hospital, blogged, cooked, played with the kids, caught up on some DVR’d shows. Nothing mind-blowing, but exactly what I needed! 🙂

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