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The Weekend’s Calmer Side


I am stopping in for tonight’s update from the more relaxing side of my weekend. I managed to make it through a very busy past 24+ hours, and now I can take it easy until Monday arrives.

On tap for the rest of this time:

~Baking some clay beads that I have been making. (More on that to come!)
~Snuggling with my husband and watching Farscape on Netflix. (Super nerdy, I know.)
~Visiting with relatives.
~Dabbling in some chores.
~An art project to make with Simon. (More on this to come, too!)
~Making some energy bars from a favorite recipe. (I really need to write this recipe down for my binder sometime, in case anything ever happens to the website.)
~And probably taking a lot of pictures.

What are you up to?


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

10 thoughts on “The Weekend’s Calmer Side

  1. That’s how my weekend is shaping up. Yesterday was spent at the annual checkups for all 4 kids, then (we took separate cars) my husband brought the kids home while I drove right to school for all day play rehearsal. I had to leave that a little early and drive to meet my family at the movie theater where we had 6 7/8 year old boys and 5 of our nieces and nephews meet us to take them to see The Lorax for my 8 yr olds birthday. It was an insane day, no doubt.

    Today? We rest. Yes, we go to the library and the pharmacy, but other than that, just rest and play!

  2. Such a good idea – making your own energy bars.

    Can’t wait to see the beads!

    Love the photos! Do you know the name of that plant – had one at work and loved it.

    • That is my Oxalis, Ophelia,. The only plant I have not killed. They are lovely plants that come in two varieties, and when they are very happy they flower. They are also edible, and taste sweet like clover. My cat can’t get enough of her so she lives up on a very high shelf.

  3. Our weekend was filled with driving the kids around all over the entire earth. But I did manage to hang out with my sis yesterday at Starbucks, eat delicious dumpling soup and take a nap, which made it a pretty good weekend in all!

  4. We had a crazy weekend too, am I sensing a theme? I feel like I am having a tough time winding down from the weekend. The pictures you posted really helped, I swear my blood pressure lowered as I scrolled down the screen. I am off to checkout the energy bar recipe, thank you for sharing. Have a happy Monday!

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