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The Suprise


Since I have a policy of not posting pictures here of people who have not given me permission to do so, I won’t be sharing with you all of my birthday party pics. However, I will tell you how it all went.

wine glass chandelier

Jeramy made arrangements at a posh new little place in our area, which serves lunch during the day and hosts private functions at night. He also invited many of the wonderful friends we have in our life to celebrate, and told them it was a secret. He didn’t really tell me anything about what he was planning for my birthday, but when I asked him whether or not I should dress up in more than jeans and a sweater, he hinted yes. So I bought myself a pretty new dress and accessories as a birthday present,  deciding that if there is any time a person can get away with that, it is when crossing over into the next decade.

Over the couple of weeks leading up to my birthday, I knew he was up to something. I decided not to get my hopes up though, just in case. Then, last night, my Mom arrived to babysit Simon, and Jeramy and I went out. I kept making guesses at the location we were headed with each turn our car took. Finally, we pulled into a parking space, and Jeramy helped me out of the car and over the icy sidewalks in my heels. When we walked up to the building, there was a line of my friends standing inside waiting, and they burst into singing “Happy Birthday” when we stepped inside. I am sure I turned every shade of pink and red, becoming the center of attention, but it felt great to know how much these people all care enough to be in my life. I really felt so blessed and thankful.

The rest of the evening can be described as a group of fun people, all around a big table, enjoying food and conversation. There was much laughing, swapping of stories, catching up, meeting up of people from different parts of my life, and terrific food.

Speaking of the food, my very talented friend Bri made some absolutely amazing cakes for me. Jeramy asked her to make me a walrus cake, which is based on a quirky obsession I have had with walruses ever since I went to Sea World as a little girl. While I was there, there was a walrus blowing kisses at the audience, and I fell in love. I used to joke that on my 30th birthday, I would travel back there and ask for a kiss on the cheek from one.

The other cakes, were brightly colored cupcakes, with fondant and modeling chocolate brushes, placed onto boards that looked like artist’s palettes. These we gobbled up at the party, saving the cake to be admired and savored later in my little Simon’s company. Art and Walruses-there could not have been two more perfect cake designs in all the world for me.

one of the two cupcake palettes

The whole evening was truly one that made me feel loved, which Jeramy told me was his goal. (And it way more than made up for the day I had on the date of my actual birthday, with horrible stomach flu.) To be surrounded by awesome people who care about me enough to celebrate a special milestone in my life, was the best present of all.

Note: If you live in Maine, Bri’s baking business, Bourgeois Bakery, has a facebook page. Check it out: here. She makes cakes and all other sorts of confections.

Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

6 thoughts on “The Suprise

  1. So glad that you had a good time!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation 😉 I had SO much fun making them. We really enjoyed your party – Jeramy did a wonderful job!

  3. That cake! Those cupcakes! What a wonderful night you must have had!

  4. Aww, so nice! I hope your 30’s are wonderful! Mine went by too fast!

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