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Enjoy Every Moment


From the very first holler of “Mummaaa!” coming from my little guy (who was already out of his crib and on the potty, thanks to his Daddy), to the way he cuddled up in a ball on my lap in shyness at our music class, and even to the way he ran away from me, giggling, when it was time to put socks on his feet…today was just one of those days when I was a bit more aware of the emotions of motherhood. I am talking, in particular, of the gushy, lovey, adoring, and oh-so-proud emotions. (As opposed to the exasperated or exhausted variety of feelings that we all face as parents daily as well.)

Sometimes, I forget that Simon is only 20 months old. The deep connection I have to this tiny person, and the awe I feel at all that he does, are just so tremendous. I get lost in the little details of our days together and I notice the seemingly tiniest of accomplishments. At times he seems more like a wise little old man, at others like my best friend. One minute he is cracking me up at his highly developed sense of humor, and the very next I am so flabbergasted at the stubbornness he is giving me, over the simplest request. (Can I get an ‘amen‘ from anyone who has ever tried getting a toddler dressed?) Surely this complex range of emotions, and the depth of them cannot be caused by so young a person?

There is an article being shared all over the internet right now, written by a fellow Mom, about her daily motherhood experiences. I read it a few days ago, and nodded in agreement, and even chuckled right along until I got to the part where she states that the greatest joy of motherhood for her, is not during the day when she is in the act of parenting, but rather at the end, when she looks back over her day and can say she ‘has parented’. As my eyes read over those particular words, I could practically hear a record screeching to a halt. This is not to say I did not get her point, or that I do not relate to what she, and the oodles of other moms who commented in agreement deal with on a daily basis…but the very idea that the best part is when it is over…that just feels wrong.

For me, the true joy of motherhood is when he is right there in front of me, holding his spoon over his eyes (because he truly believes if his eyes are covered, that I can’t see the rest of him) playing peekaboo. It is when he stacks four legos together and holds his creation up over his head and exclaims: “Tada!“. It is when he runs to me for comfort when scared, and nuzzles deep into my neck. It is also in the great big glob of drool that he wipes all over my mouth when he gives me a goodnight kiss. (Yes, even then.) The joy is in the moment itself, not after.

Sure, there are those days. The ones that just physically drain me and leave me feeling like I have nothing left at the end. And yes, I do enjoy rehashing the day’s ‘Simon highlights’ with my husband, and laughing about the ridiculousness of it all, good and bad. But those moments are more about the shared bond of parenting I have with my husband, than what motherhood is all about.

The Mother who wrote that article is annoyed when “older ladies” approach her in the store and remind her to “enjoy every moment”. I know how hard doing so can be. When the bills are overwhelming, the car is making an ominous noise, the weather is crummy, the house is a total disaster area, and a little person is trying to climb your face while whining in your ear…I’ve been there. It is not fun. But that is what those people in the grocery store are there for. To remind us to focus in…to tune out the things that won’t matter in a year’s time, and back onto one of the few things that will.

Note: To read the article I am mentioning, check out “Don’t Carpe Diem” here.
And to read yet another take on the whole matter, read “Carpe Diem” here.


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

9 thoughts on “Enjoy Every Moment

  1. To live in the moment and cherish what is before you! If we could all do this more without worrying about what comes next, we would get to savor our life’s experiences. Thanks for your insightful observations about the lives we share with our children! I know I have experienced what you are talking about and you were the little one. What a joy and a challenge you were!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. When it’s over, it’s over, and if you haven’t enjoyed it along the way, there’s no longer any time to do so. I have four little monkeys and I try to make sure I enjoy every single moment I have with them…even the ones that leave me shaking my head or shaking in fury. They will always be my babies…but they won’t always be babies. 😦

  3. Thanks, stranger… I am more in line with THIS than the original idea, and relieved I’m not the only mama who feels more like THIS. The best of all of this is that I have been made more acutely aware of the joy in the moments because of this entire topic. I love this job… even when it sucks.

    Thanks for your take on it. ♥

  4. So keep only one child. Believe the world of one child only is much more enjoyable! Add one more is when chaos begins.

    • I believe that even one child can bring about a terrific amount of chaos. I know that mine certainly can. Some days I have to choose to be happy with nothing getting accomplished and simply making it to bedtime alive. I also believe in the possibility that multiple children can provide harmony. I really, truly, believe the key to parental joy, whether you have one or seven, is in letting go. I don’t do my dishes every day. I make frozen pizza when I can’t find time to cook. I drink a lot of coffee, and write a lot of notes, and try to find five minutes a day to meditate or blog. It is not always easy to do so, but I try with all my might to stop myself from overlooking the moments as they go by.

  5. So I haven’t had a chance to browse your blog or ‘get to know you’ online, but I am sure Simon is a lucky little guy. I think they are so perceptive of weather or not we are enjoying the little moments throughout the day and I think when we aren’t enjoying it they act out more- At least my kids do! And you are absolutely right in your comment above that sometimes having more children can provide harmony. I personally thought 2 was easier than 1 and my first 2 are 15 months apart. We’ll see what 3 is like this summer, but I look forward to the crazy times because they make us more appreciative of the sweet precious moments. I think at times the difference between a good mother and a great one is being able to have a good attitude regardless of the circumstance, being to laugh at your kids and yourself, and just not take things too seriously… for example- I think this may completely derail some parents, but this was one of the funniest memories I can recall of my son… So funny. Did I love cleaning up the mess? No, but I was laughing the entire time because how in the world did that happen!? I think mothers and fathers just need a better sense of humor sometimes, that too often they worry about comparing their parenting ideas with others, and are concerned with doing everything right that its hard to see the here and now. Keep soaking up those moments, take lots of photos, capture things on video, it really does go so fast!

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