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A Day Of Play

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Simon took his nap today much earlier than usual, and when he got up the sun was shining brightly. So after our lunch, I bundled him up and drove us to a local field that we sometimes go to for some fresh air. It was calming and quiet there, with a dusting of snow on the ground and some blue sky peeking through the clouds. We trudged along for a little while hand in hand, before he finally felt brave enough to let go an do some exploring. It was not long though before his nose began running like mad and he was struggling to breathe in the breeze. I decided that it was best to return my little guy home where it was warm.

I was glad that I did so, because the cold I thought he had gotten over came back on strong, so we found inside activities to enjoy, and I gave him lots of TLC for the rest of the day.

One of the things Simon gets excited about is checking the mail. After we bring it in, I sort out the junk and always give it to him as “his mail”. Sometimes he colors on it with crayons, sometimes he practices putting paper in and out of an envelope over and over again, and sometimes he just rips it up. Today he did a bit of all three, and I played along with his whims.

Later into the afternoon I brought out some trucks that have tiny parts, and therefore stay on a shelf unless we can closely supervise him. I figured the novelty of some things he doesn’t get to see often would help distract him from not feeling well. I also gave him a little pouch I had kicking around, and put a selection of buttons into it. Once he discovered the buttons he was quite tickled, and spent a long time dumping them out and putting them back into the pouch. Then I showed him how he could load buttons into the bed of a toy truck, which expanded the game even more. From there he began putting buttons into the drivers seats of his cars like they were little people, and testing how many buttons he could cram inside.

After supper (chicken noodle soup, of course) and a bath, Simon and Daddy spent a while with the buttons and two little boxes. They used them as drums, as shakers, and as hats, and poured buttons from one box to the other. Sometimes I find immense joy just sitting back and watching how my two guys play together.

I love days like this, where we find ways to explore the simple things and to use our imaginations, and each adctivity leads into the next. There was no grand plan or event, just a day filled with play, which is the perfect way to spend a day, if you ask me.


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One thought on “A Day Of Play

  1. I love days like that too! Perfect!!!

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