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A Mummas Day Out


The arrival of this weekend marked the completion of my first full week as a Work-at-Home-Mom. I am happy to report that I fully enjoyed the new pace of life, and the freedom I now have to do more things with my son, husband, and home. However, even after only one week at this, I am learning the value of time out of the house for the Mumma. Specifically, adult time out. (No, not adult as in drinking and clubbing, but as in no children around and no responsibilities. )

Yesterday, my dear friend Trisha and I started a monthly tradition. Even though she and I are able to visit each other quite often (We live in the same building after all.), the stars don’t always align for the time we spend together to be child-free. Mummas definitely need a little pampering from time-to-time, so we planned a day away while the Daddies watched the little ones.

We started with breakfast at my favorite diner. I don’t typically eat meat, but I went all-out with the bacon for this special occasion. If you should ever find yourself near Sabattus, Maine I highly recommend you make a stop at Uncle Moe’s Diner. It is the quintessential diner experience, with everything fried, continuous refills on the coffee, and “silver-dollar” pancakes the size of dinner plates. (We have never dared order the regular sized pancakes!)

After breakfast we grabbed lattes at the coffee shop back in town. This was essentially lunch, after the gargantuan breakfasts we had eaten had left us so full.

The next adventure was to head to North Yarmouth, ME for a shopping/spa event being hosted by some local business ladies. I had received an invitation from the amazingly talented Brooke, who owns the shop littlelegwarmers on etsy, and writes the terrific eye-candy blog apriltwoeighty. She was there, selling her handmade quilts and some other wonderful sewn creations. There were other ladies selling jewelry, home sprays, scents, kitchen goods, and services. They had free snacks and wine, chair massage, and mini-manicures. I had some great conversations with the women there and started some Christmas shopping. (I am always a fan of supporting local.)

When we returned to the car, it was quite chilly outside. We decided to warm up with crocks of french onion soup at one of the first restaurants we found open. Mmm…hit the spot before our return home.

At the end of the night, I mentally totalled up the cost of this entire day. Only about 25 dollars! When you consider 2 meals out, coffee, pampering, and even one item purchased for myself, that really aint’ bad! Not to mention how priceless it is for all parents to escape once in a while for a day of fun with  the company of good friends.


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

8 thoughts on “A Mummas Day Out

  1. Sounds like a day in heaven! I know what you mean about not working – there are definitely lifestyle things I miss from when I worked full-time after my first – like getting to work and feeling calm, a least for a moment, and lunch with interesting people (babies are interesting in a different kind of way!)

  2. What a splendid day. I got all relaxed just reading about it.

  3. Cuuuute glasses! And, um, I want hashbrowns now. Sounds like a fun and relaxing grown-up day out.

  4. I love a girls day out! Looks like y’all had a great time. I neglected my friends when I was your age, not because of kids but my busy career. It was also very easy to fall into the trap of living my hubby’s life and not my own.

    I’m glad you aren’t making the same mistakes I did. We need our women friends.

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