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My Little Dinosaur

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My little dinosaur enjoyed his Halloween. His Daddy and I enjoyed watching our boy, who we weren’t planning to take trick or treating, decide that he wanted to, and take right to it like he had been at it for years. (Score for Mumma and Daddy, who get to eat most of the candy.) We enjoyed the Freeport Village experience. It is one I would seek out again. One of the best parts was seeing all the children (and a few parents like me) in their costumes.

I want to take a moment to direct you to a terrific tutorial, that we used for Simon’s costume this year. He is really into dinosaurs (because they say “Rawr!“) and so that is what he dressed up as. I knew I wanted his costume to be homemade, and that I wanted to be able to really bundle him for warmth, so this idea was a real winner. I even recommend it for a fun kid’s hoodie for everyday wearing, any time of year. (Because kid’s fashion should be allowed to have whimsy, don’t ya think?) Check out her tutorial and the hoodies she made over at Ginger & George. We also made a tail out of felt, that velcros onto the hoodie, and could be removed for riding in the car seat, or wearing the hoodie in the future without the tail. The tail now lives in Simon’s dress-up bin.

I hope you all enjoyed your Hallows Eve as much as this family did!


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