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Food Friday: Baked Apple Chips


I had been seeing oodles of recipes for baked apple chips flying around on Pinterest lately, and decided to try my hand at some this week. We still had a few apples left from when we went picking, and I knew their time before turning soft was short.

So, during one of Simon’s naps, I got out a cutting board, a couple of sharp knives, and 2 cookie sheets, and got to work.

First, you have to core and slice the apples. I also peeled mine, because they were fairly blemished (having eaten all the pristine ones already), but you do not have to. I don’t own an apple corer, because Jeramy and I have taken Alton Brown’s advice not to keep too many unneccessary kitchen gadgets on hand, but I have to say, after making these, and baked apples this year, I am considering adding one to our arsenal.

I then spread all the slices out onto the cookie sheets, and sprinkled half of them with cinnamon. I left the other half plain because I figured these would be a great healthy snack for Simon, and though he has eaten cinnamon before, you just never know with one-year-olds when they will decide to stop liking a flavor.

I popped the apple rings into the over at 250 degrees and set my timer for one hour. After an hour, I flipped them all over and put them back in (swapping the positions of the cookie sheets) for another hour.

Out they came. The ones on my dark, non-stick cookie sheet with the cinnamon were a bit overdone. The plain ones were perfect. Jeramy, Simon and I all sampled and we all liked them! Simon even said “more!” and nibbled another. They tasted appley sweet and had a terrific crunch. Unfortunately, the overdone ones didn’t taste that great, and we gobbled up all the plain immediately. So if you are making them I recommend choosing light-colored baking sheets if you are able, and perhaps setting the second timer a tad earlier. A few of the thinner ones stuck to the cookie sheets, so I would also use parchment paper next time.

I will definitely be trying this one again in the future.


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

7 thoughts on “Food Friday: Baked Apple Chips

  1. What an awesome, festive, recipe!!!! Perfect for kids! I bet they’d be good dipped in yogurt, too. A healthy, autumnal spin on “chips and dip”. 🙂



  2. Good for kids? They will be good for this 50+ kid too. Fantastic simple recipe and really good photos too.

  3. I agree with Alton about the simplifying of gadgets, but there are some out there that do such a good job, that if you can see using it often, they are great to get. Apple corers, strawberry hullers, and mango pitters are often examples I think of. Seriously – if you eat a lot of mangoes, the pitter is amazing – cause you get the most fruit using it. Getting the pit out of there with just a knife in the hands of the average person – you waste a lot of goodness!

    • I wasted a lot of good apple by hacking the cores out myself. (Of course, some of it ended up in the chef’s tummy 😉 ) We don’t eat many mangoes in this house (right now) but if we ever start, I will remember that. Perhaps I should come visit you at work for some gadget advice. 🙂

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