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Food Friday: On a Soup Kick


I used to be scared of soup. I thought making it from scratch was somehow this scientific, precise endeavor involving complex chemistry and perhaps a team of people in white coats holding up test tubes to the light. I figured it would be all too easy to slip up and end up with a watered-down impression, or alternately to add one ingredient too many and have the whole thing seize into a sludge. People would chuckle at me, telling me “soup is easy” but I thought for sure they must be lying.

I am happy to report that I have learned how wrong I was. Soup is not only nourishing, but forgiving too! Ingredients can easily be swapped out, added, removed, and tweaked. You can fiddle with the thickness or change up the spices. You can even raid the fridge for leftovers and use what you find to concoct something new and delicious. I am now on a major soup kick around here, and am experiencing great joy at my newfound confidence.

I still feel most secure when I have a recipe to reference as both a jumping off point and a guide. The two recipes I worked with lately were for Fresh Tomato, Lentil and Onion Soup from Linda Fraser’s book Vegetarian-the Best Ever Recipe Collection and a Vegetarian French Onion Soup recipe I found on

I made some little changes with both recipes. For the Tomato, Lentil and Onion soup, I had only half of the amount of onion she called for. But I had some orange bell pepper on hand so I diced that up instead to fill in the gap. I also used butter to cook the diced veggies in, not having sunflower oil, and I used my blender to puree the soup since my food processor is pretty small. Being able to work with what I already have is a good feeling. There is nothing I hate more, when it comes to recipes,  than one that requires you to own expensive equipment or use 20 rare ingredients.

When I was making the Vegetarian French Onion Soup recipe, I noticed that the amount was coming up short for this hungry family of three. So I added an extra cup of the vegetable stock that was called for and it yielded a much better amount. If I ever work from this recipe again I will most definitely double it, since we had no leftovers at all, and that is one of the best things about making a big pot of soup: lunch the next day!

October’s chill has set in. We are turning on the heat, wearing sweaters and jackets, and switching to hot tea and coffee instead of iced. Eating a steaming bowl of soup with a chunk of hearty bread is the best dinner I can imagine to soothe us and nourish us this time of year and into the winter. It is food for the comfort of the soul as well as the body.

Please tell me your favorite soup recipes!


Author: thismummaslife

I am a Mumma, Wife and part-time Assistant Children's Librarian. I want this blog to be a collection of moments from daily life that may inspire or be relatable. Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, feedback or stories from your own life.

11 thoughts on “Food Friday: On a Soup Kick

  1. We were amazed how easy soup was to make and that we had avoided doing so for so long. Here are a couple of our favourites for this time of year

    Hope you enjoy them

  2. its strange, that whole ‘complex, precise, scientific’ thing is how I feel about baking… but your soups look fantastic! I gotta start taking pictures for my blog…

    • I am glad you liked the pictures. My camera has been on the fritz lately, not taking as nice of pictures. I think I need to have it looked at. It is funny because baking is much more about chemistry and proper proportions and yet I feel more confident with baking than cooking because usually if I just follow the recipe everything turns out fine. I tend to put a lot of faith into recipes. Perhaps too much.

  3. I LOVE soup! I think we make soup at least once a week–except during the summer. It makes me so happy. In fact, I make it so often I finally got an immersion blender so that I can blend the soups while they’re in the pot. It’s quite a nifty little gadget.

    I’m a huge fan of crockpot soups, and I use the Make It Fast, Cook It Slow cookbook inspired by the blog She has some great recipes and the crockpot is one of my favorite kitchen friends 🙂

    • I am learning to love my crock pot more and more all the time. An immersion blender is definitely on my wishlist. We have wanted tone for ages around here, it is about time we finally get one! I will definitely check out that link. Thanks so much!

  4. i’m so trying this! we are vegetarian, too and i love gruyere…

  5. Oh, I need to experiment with soup too. I love making stews in my crock pot to get through these rough Maine winters. Pair it with a thick slice of crusty bread, and I am in heaven! 🙂

    Love the pics, but the way. I need a new camera so I can post better pics on my blog too!


    • My camera has actually been on the fritz for a few weeks now. If I switch it to auto mode I can get a few ok shots, but for every good one there are about three that are bad. We are looking into getting a new one, which will hopefully help.

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