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Time Out

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For many months, daily routine around here revolved around Simon having a two-nap a day schedule. He would usually wake in the morning for breakfast and play, then take a 1 to 2 hour morning nap. After an afternoon of more play, errands, lunch, and perhaps a fun outing, he would return to his bed for an afternoon nap until waking in time for dinner. I have been told, and have read that this is a pattern many babies and little toddlers settle into.

Well, now we are in a transition period to only one nap a day. Most days he will only sleep once, however, it is usually for a  longer stretch of time and less likely to be interrupted by noises around the house. The one nap is in many ways harder for me to schedule around, but I am getting used to it.

One thing I have learned over the past couple of weeks, is that even though he only needs to actually sleep one time a day, (with rare exceptions where he is overtired and still takes two naps) he still requires a morning time-out of sorts. Usually about an hour or two after waking Simon’s mood will begin to deteriorate. He might also exhibit some sleepy signs at this time, and will only be comforted by being held.

When he begins this pattern of behavior I will usually “explain” to him that I can see he is very grumpy and in need of some quiet time. We then close his curtains, and I tuck him in with his “R.K. Bunny” and leave the room. For about an hour he will happily lie in his bed, occasionally talking to the bunny, cooing, or simply being silent and relaxed. Sometimes this does turn into a nap, but more often it only lasts until he jumps up and starts being crazy and loud, at which point I go get him. He is so cheerful and animated after these “time-outs”.

This time is also wonderful for Mumma. Simon is still my alarm clock. I keep telling myself one of these days I will start setting an alarm to have time before he wakes, but I am not quite there yet. Therefore, I can use his rest as a chance for finally waking up. I dress, shower, slap on some makeup, drink a cup of coffee, read other blogs, and sometimes write. When he is done relaxing, so am I and we are both much better off for it. I know it makes me a better Mumma.

I will be a bit sad when he no longer needs this quiet time in his bed, because I will be losing my quiet time too, but I am sure we will find something to replace it with. Each time we enter a new phase we will adapt.

For right now though, I am happily drinking my coffee and listening to the coos coming from my son’s bedroom.


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