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Recipe Review: Pucker-Up Psghetti

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Recipe Review: Pucker Up Psghetti from the book The Toddler Cafe by Jennifer Carden

In this house, we all love lemons and we all love cheese. Hubby also happens to dislike tomato sauce on his pasta, so when flipping through The Toddler Cafe, which I recently checked out of my local library, I made a note to try this recipe.

Since the ingredients were very simple, I only strayed from the recipe in the book in two ways: I used a few more ounces of pasta than she recommends, and I used a garden vegetable veriety of spaghetti noodles. (I am always looking for ways to sneak in extra veggies.)

The recipe was very easy to make and required minimal prep-work. The actual cooking time was only long enough for the noodles to boil to proper doneness. You just grate the cheese, zest and juice the lemon, measure in the salt and oil, and then toss the cooked pasta in. Really, really simple.

In the end I felt that the amount of dishes created was not worth the flavor. Way too salty, even with my use of extra noodles. (I also did not add salt to my pasta cooking water the way I usually do, because I knew the recipe called for salt.) If I ever try this recipe again, which I would like to do,  I will cut the salt in half, or even use only a quarter of the amount called for. I would also follow one of the variations she suggests and toss in some veggies. I think peas or wilted fresh spinach would add a nice contrast to the lemony flavor. I also think some freshly grated breadcrumbs would be nice on this.

Because of his sleep schedule, Hubby has yet to try this one out. I am sending the rest off with him to work tonight. Since he is the resident tomato sauce hater, I am curious for his opinion.

Simon seemed to enjoy himself at first. He stretched the noodles, and crammed them into his mouth. However, after a few bites he threw then rest of his dish on the floor, and offers of more were refused by him. He is not usually into the length and feel of spaghetti noodles though, so perhaps he grew tired of trying to eat such wiggly things.

Aside from the saltiness issue though, the recipe fulfilled other needs: simplicity, family-friendliness, and good ingredients.


Note: The bib Simon is wearing in the above photo was made by Cookie of Jugglinggeese Crafts. Check out her facebook page!


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