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Wildlife and Worry

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I am having a bad case of parental-guilt tonight.

Last evening, my Simon had a little touch of a fever. 99.9, not anything to be alarmed about. We simply gave him tylenol and sent him to bed.

This morning he seemed in good spirits so I packed the diaper bag and we headed off for a day at Maine Wildlife Park. (Daddy had to miss out this time around) It was a gorgeous day of summer transitioning to autumn, the sun shining, and a nice crisp breeze on the air. We had a splendid day viewing the animals, listening to a bit of the Rick Charrette concert, eating a picnic lunch, and spending time with dear friends.

However, I did notice that Simon was a bit more quiet and subdued than his usual  constantly-and-loudly-asking-“WHAT’S DAT!!??”-about-everything self. When the long day came to an end and I finally plopped him into the car seat I remembered the previous evening’s fever and wondered whether I had been asking too much of him, bringing him out on an adventure like that.

We arrived home, and both of us took a nap until it was time to eat a quick supper and then go for a short visit with Simon’s Nana. At her house he was offered watermelon, which is one of those foods that he normally becomes beside himself with excitement over. (He has, in fact, let out a freaky battle cry shriek while ripping a chunk off to shove into his mouth when presented with this food.) The way he slumped back in the highchair, droopy-eyed, and not showing any interest in the watermelon made me feel a twinge of maternal concern. I felt his forehead and he seemed quite warm. I made a mental note that we would definitely be re-checking his temperature before bed.

The rest of the visit at Nana’s went better. He eventually ate the watermelon, and even ran around with Daddy playing and giggling.
When we got home though, he was extremely groggy going into the house. We brought him to the changing table for a clean diaper, comfy pajamas, and the method of  temperature checking that is always dreaded by parents, and unpleasant for everyone involved, especially the poor child.

103.3. Now I felt terrible. What kind of mother am I, I asked myself, to drag my poor child on an all day outing, and cause him to miss naps when he is running a fever!?

We gave him some baby tylenol and kisses, tucked him into his bed, and I called the doctor who was gentle and reassuring. Simon has been soundly asleep since, and will be checked on throughout the night, but I still feel those nagging pangs of Mumma-guilt and worry. Lesson learned, I suppose.

We are supposed to go visiting and picnicing tomorrow, but now I know better than to take off without consulting the thermometer first.
The day was beautiful though. I wish I had more pictures but I “broke” the camera about halfway through our Wildlife Park experience. (Hubby was able to fix it, phew!)


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