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4 Super Easy Toddler Meals

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I have decided to make Fridays into a regular feature about food, aka “Food Friday”. I am going to start this first one with a post I originally wrote in May 2011 for an online Mommy forum that I had joined, featuring some of my go-to meals for Simon when I need something fast and healthy.


Sunday, May 15, 2011:

4 Super Easy Toddler Meals

As a mostly (well, OK, somewhat, but I am trying!) health-conscious, working New Mommy to a 1-year old that loves to eat, I am always looking for ideas for meals to feed him that are easy to fix, nutritious for him, and yummy enough that he will enjoy himself and not throw it on the floor. I have, in fact, devoted a lot of hours to puzzling this out. Since I know I am not the only one in this scenario, I thought I would share a few of my go-to, quick to fix, meals that I make for him.

Super-Fast Veggie Frittata: I take a handful of whatever veggies I have on hand in my freezer, such as broccoli, and put them into a small ramekin. I microwave them for about 45 seconds until they are thawed out, then chop the veggies up into tiny pieces. Then I crack one egg over the top, scramble it all together so the yolk is well mixed, and microwave an additional minute and 10 seconds. (I recommend putting paper towel over the top just in case the egg pops and splatters a little.) The egg will cook up and get really fluffy. Take the ramekin (you can use a mug, or other small microwaveable dish) out of the microwave, flip it over so the egg pops out, cut up into bite size pieces, and serve when cool enough. If you want you could also add cheese.
I like this because I can cook him a protein and veggie rich egg dish without any oil or butter.

Wasa “Toast” with Spread and Veggie: I buy Wasa brand crackers because they are less processed than many other cracker varieties, and are made with whole grains. I give him a piece and spread it with either hummus,  allfruit spread, natural unsalted peanut butter, or pureed baby-food fruit. I usually give him a heaping handful of peas or corn kernels to go with it.

Baby English Muffin Pizza:  I make him his own little pizza by taking one half of a whole wheat english muffin and spreading it with baby food spinach puree and a thin layer of tomato sauce. I then top with a little cheese and cook it in the toaster oven until the cheese is melted and the whole thing is warmed. I then let it cool to baby-friendly temperature and cut it into little wedges.
Fruity Waffle: I would like to have time to make waffles from scratch, but I don’t right now, so I found a brand of frozen waffle that is better for you than the average grocery store waffle:

I pop one of these guys in the toaster oven until warm. Meanwhile, I take frozen fruit (something I keep on hand because it never spoils) and toss a handful in the microwave until thawed and soft. The current favorite around here is a frozen fruit mix of peaches, mango and strawberries.
When the waffle is ready I put the fruit on it, spread and slightly mash it down with a fork, and then cut the waffle into little wedges for Baby Boy to pick up and eat. You could also use fresh fruits but they might not stick to the waffle as well, which is OK since toddlers are rarely tidy. 🙂
I made him this waffle dish for his birthday breakfast, and I positioned the fruit into a smiley face. Even older kids would enjoy that (maybe with maple syrup) to start their day.
Some things I have learned:
~Frozen fruits and veggies are great to have on hand because when cooking for baby you can take out just a handful from the bag and fix only the amount needed at the time.
~The microwave and toaster oven are lifesavers when cooking for baby!
~If Baby Boy rejects a food on the first try, I don’t force it on him. in fact, I don’t make a big deal about it at all. I let him choose what to eat or not eat, but I don’t stop offering the food item in subsequent meals. He absolutely hated avocado the first 3 times he had it, and would gag, but after the 4th time I gave him some he decided he liked it, now he is a happy avocado eater!
~I am not superwoman and it is OK to take shortcuts sometimes, such as the pre-made waffles.
Have any feedback or other ideas to share?

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